EN restaurant


courtyard night_single table_9556

inside-outside dining under a ‘cannizza’ roof; lava basalt one side; citrus zen courtyard on the other.

This was my last commission before leaving Sicily for London. It became a test case collaborative project between my local partners at mono:architetti in Catania and tp bennett in London.

cropped-en_notebook_001extract.jpg The design was based on the principles of ‘wabi-sabi’ – in short, the selection of simple materials and re-interpretation of traditional construction methods to create a rich, timeless whole. Many details and some finishes were purposefully finalised on site in order to directly capture the intuitive experience of craftsmen and trades.
Often commented on by visitors are – the warmth of light re-reflected from the red volume; the sense of being both mediterranean and oriental, contemporary but not minimalist; the variety of spaces offering different dining experiences.

Won the 2009 Premio Vaccarini for Contemporary Architecture in Sicily.

Published in Ottagono, Ulisse (Alitalia in-flight mag), Kult Magazine 11.2009, ‘I Love Sicily’10.2010, Gambero rosso 02.2010, La Sicilia.

vault area__red skin_8297_cropped  EN.009_sushi banco_8421_cropped  vault area_6693b




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